The future I would like to live in would be were everyone is treated equally. I think we can do this if we invest more into our education and outreach programs to educate people on things they are ignorant about. I also think legalizing same-sex marriage in all countries and having a world wide constitution that states human rights like the U.S. Constitution would further lay out that we are all humans and deserve basic human rights no matter where we are.

Another thing I would like to see would be more renewable energy like solar panels and wind turbines. I read in a article that scientists are in the process of making roads, not out of concrete, but out of solar panels that could easily be replaced if broken and are weather resistant. I think if we replaced the oil plants with the wind turbines it would be safe for wild life, so birds don’t get caught in the turbines, and it would get rid of the oil plants to prevent oil spills, because there are other places to get oil besides the ocean.

Here is a article about solar roadways: http://www.solarroadways.com


I also think we need better mental health, homeless, or drug-addicted human health care. Theres no reason for anybody to be homeless and I think if we can provide homes for homeless people where they can have a stipend of money given to them every month till they get back on there feet and then also a place to clean they can actually go find jobs. I think also that we should look more into our mental health and everyone should be able to see a doctor and get the medication they deserve. I know sometimes when a certain medicine comes out and there is only one kind that works the company can get bought out and the new owner can amp up prices to a new extreme where people can’t afford them. I don’t know if this is illegal now but it should be. People deserve the medication they need and nobody should be able to stop people from getting it. I also think we need to legalize drugs. I know this sounds like a bad idea due to people getting addicted, but marijuana isn’t a harmful drug and has helped many people. There shouldn’t be people in jail for 20 to life just because they got caught with some in their pocket. I also think if you make drugs legal it will be better to put laws on those drugs and be able to police them a little more, because people are going to do them regardless of them being illegal or not, but maybe someone won’t get life in prison for them. I also think we need to use hemp more often for things like making paper or clothes.

I also think we should invest more money into our space program. I think if we want a future and to be able to expand our knowledge we have to go into space. We need to see what is out there and be able to write about it and see it.