In a world where people are treated equally, resources are plentiful, and poverty has been eradicated for years. This world would only be possible if everyone was scientifically altered to think the same. This society would be against the constitution and against human rights. So how else can we shape and show society with these ideas. We can use a topic called afrofuturism. Afrofuturism is the idea that fantasy and sic-fi are mixed together with afro centric ideas and characters. When you’re writing afrofuturism books you can show society in ways not possible in other forms of literature. Afrofuturism has no restraints and lets the writer freely choose how they want to make their world and characters. Afrofuturism can show us the future of our society and how to possibly combat ideas that can destroy the world we deserve to live in and take care of.

I think Afrofuturism is a place where you can address topics such as racism and prejudice in a way that addresses the topic but also gives you more freedom on how you want to address it. When you write about racism in the world you are limited by time periods and restrictions our society has put on groups of people. But if you write about racism in a afrofuturism book you are able to choose everything about the world, since you are now not restricted by our society. You can interchange the two though if you wanted to talk about an event that happened in our world. You can reflect it in yours by writing a similar event with your characters.

Afrofuturism gives writers more freedom and creativity to write about topics that have held them back in their lives. The writers have no limitations now and they are able to write characters that can overcome the limitations they would face in our world. Writers are also able to write about their predictions for our world in their writings. For example Pumzi was written because the filmmaker didn’t like the fact we had to buy natural resources.

I think also writers can show readers worlds and people that our society wouldn’t be able to make because of how we aren’t super technologically advanced, or how we are white centric. In afrofuturism you are able choose how far the society is technologically advanced, and how people think. I think the mixture of sci-fi and fantasy is pretty fascinating. The fact that you don’t have to choose one but can incorporate both into your writings and include real world problems in there as well is awesome.

I think this will make some people be more willing to read about history and know some of the events people based their works off of. This is a way to connect to others through story telling and imagination. This is also a way to connect to minorities that our society doesn’t feature in main media and get them to be main characters in their own stories and get rid of the restrictions society has placed on them.