This week in Afrofuturism I found out that I think the subject is more interesting then I thought. I never thought about the spiritual aspect of the sci-fi genre. When Wanuri Kahiu talked about the vision of the train and how it was imagined as a black snake made of smoke in her Ted Talk, I realized I never really thought about connecting spiritual with sci-fi or even the future. When I think of the future I see a world where everybody is less spiritual and connected to nature but I would like to change that view and make the world more connected to nature. I think being connected to nature and the outside world is important. We live on this world and should take care of it.

I did a African Dance class last year for a semester at stephens and we learned certain dances that connected to aspects of nature. Which just iterates the fact that we should be more connected spiritually and emotionally to the east hand nature.

I also noticed in my perspective point about time. I think relating to time is an interesting aspect. Theoretically I’m always in the present and always overlapping in my past to come to my present point which all leads up to my future. I think it’s interesting to stand outside and realize where I was, there might be a building that used to be there or will be there and somehow I’m overlapping with this object and idea that was in the past and could be in the future.

I like in Afrofuturism is the way the writers can show their struggles and wants/needs in a future perspective. Humans I think and hopefully will always be able to make choices for themselves and act upon their feelings. So the ideas being introduced that maybe we wont always be able to do this and how we are powerless to certain people or feelings is represented a lot in Afrofuturism from what I can see.

I’m excited to start reading the stories and seeing how things progress and are represented in the books.